- Harlem Rose Collection-

(Mommy & Me)

Recently becoming a new mom, I was inspired to create safe chemical free products for my daughter.  There are too many go to products that were just not what I wanted my baby exposed to.  The Harlem Rose Mommy & Me Collection was created for those natural mommies who want the best and safest products for themselves and their babies.  Each product was carefully created with only the best ingredients, to meet the daily needs of not only baby, but mommy too. Try out the new line or gift to current and soon to be mothers.  Even if you may not be a mom and just love the essential oil blend... try out the shea butter, body scrub, and soap bar!

~Tired of paying for products with chemicals and ingredients harmful to our bodies, I decided to create my own natural whipped shea butter.  This led to creating natural soaps, and scrubs, and making it available to others.~